A woman on the streets of Madras

I see her walking on the streets of Madras,
She walks past me everyday.
Her skin is dark brown in colour, a beautiful, glowing brown,
And I love her earrings, round,
As if the earth is hanging from her earlobes.
I love how she sometimes smiles at the screen of her phone,
A dimple which looks like the eye of a raging storm.
She is beauty ready to be fierce,
She is calmness waiting to explode,
She is the ocean waiting to be explored.
At times I look at her, hoping she would look back.
She looks at me, straight into my eyes,
My insides churn.
I can feel the intensity in her eyes,
That look can either tear me to shreds,
Or keep me forever in ecstatic limbo.
Woman, give me both.



He ran his fingers over her hands,
She couldn’t write anymore.
He carressed her cheeks,
She couldn’t smile anymore.
He embraced her thighs,
She couldn’t dance anymore.
He kissed her lips,
She couldn’t sing anymore.
He fondled her breasts,
She couldn’t look at her radiant naked self,
In the mirror anymore.
One after the other, he watched her burn,
But he didn’t want her to stop crying.
He wanted to have sex, but not the soul.
And just before he could burn her eyes,
She opened it wide,
And decided it was time to say, “Love, goodbye!”


Everything is perfect at this moment.
This fraction of a second,
A wave of contentment sweeps my heart,
As I sit there, looking at familiar faces.
Our stomachs are full,
With food and beer,
And our poor hearts full,
With love for each other.
This moment, I feel no guilt,
And my sins seem to fade away.
This moment, I believe,
That these relationships won’t ever change.
This moment, I feel,
That these men will become old,
In the pleasure of my company.
This moment, I can tell from their eyes,
That they too feel the same.
And this moment, i know,
Everything is perfect as it is.


The road is long and empty,
As empty as my heart.
My legs are giving out,
My sight is growing dim.
I can never reach my destiny,
With a soul, so broken.
Broken by a woman, so strong.
Stronger than the summer sun,
Stronger than the july winds,
Stronger than the full-moon waves,
With her strength, she crushed me,
Made me a shadow of what i was.
The scars are beautiful, yet hurting.
I reach an intersection, still empty.
I am waiting, hoping, believing
That a stronger, tender set of hands
Will care to build me back.
A long wait?


Thoughts of erstwhile
Flooding your mind.
And you think of,
How many times you fell,
How bad you fell,
How grievous your wounds were,
How you worried about worthless things,
And the time you spent on hazardous people.
But then, you can still recall,
How you stood up each time you fell,
How you dusted yourself and were ready on the track,
How the wounds turned into scars of victory,
How so small and insignificant your worries seem now,
And the memories you made with those who matter.
Isn’t everything beautiful?


The meaningless toil of the days,
The awkward silence of the nights,
The freezing cold of the sun’s rays,
The blinding darkness of the artificial lights.
To survive through all of this disarray,
Is it to merely contribute to the entropy?
What have you done except pray?
To bid farewell with some dignity.
It just needs some diligence,
To know that mere existence is death.
To know that purpose cultivates existence,
Equals knowing why you still have breath.
You and I are dead,
Until we start to exist.
The purpose isn’t to just be well read,
But to reason out and resist.


Calmness soaking my senses,
Clumsiness draping my body.
Wound together a thousand broken pieces,
Still, wouldn’t mind a truly felt sorry.
I urge to be the reason,
For some really true smiles.
Hoping to be held for treason,
And happily sent to the western isles.
There are those I miss,
More than flying up in the sky.
I’d love to give them a good old hug and kiss,
And all I want is for them to not lie.
Appreciating beauty at its finest,
Also, the warmth of the early morning.
I don’t think that even the best dynast,
Can put out the ember in me, burning.


It needs some courage.
To think the unthinkable,
And to reason out your thoughts.
To say what you think,
And to stand by what you say.
To do what you say,
And to stand by what you did.
To stand up and own your actions,
And to get hated for standing up undaunted.
To be deemed as a crazy maniac,
And to voice out even when others remain obsequious.
To know that your voice won’t be heard now,
And to doubt that maybe, you won’t even be alive when your voice resonates among the masses.
It needs a lot of courage.


Am I the same person I was?
I do have an answer and I say no.
I am not the same person I was.
I now know that everything can never be alright.
I now know that deep inside everyone is someone else.
I now know that I don’t know a lot of things I should.
I now know that I know a lot of things, I’d be better off without.
I now know that only I can stand up for myself.
I now know that you should also do the same.
I now know that maybe, just maybe I can have a say over “things”.
I now know that I care,
Even though the pain that comes along with it is too much to bear.


Lying down on wet green grass,
‘Twas so cold, the drops of dew,
Prickling my back like shreds of glass,
And also small grasshoppers, only a few.
Maybe I’ll catch a cold,
While i try to sleep off,
Looking at the stars shining gold,
But the odds; Only half and half.
The mesmerism of the night sky,
Half the moon blushing so fine,
Dimples so cute, makes me want to fly,
And her radiance sends shivers down my spine.
It’s time my eyes fell drooping,
The night sky is a visual lullaby.
Not many take the time to appreciate the setting,
Pains me that i fail to end this with a rhyme.